About Us

Our “Furniture Maker” story begins in a small workshop back in 1993.

Where handsaw and hammer was in force…

We always started a project with bearing in mind “everyone’s home is special and everyone’s taste is special for us”

So far, We’ve made thousands of homes feeling special all around the world from India, Turkey To Mexico or USA.

We now travel all around the the Europe find most exclusive designer furniture and bring it to the UK and Ireland market. Why “Europe”  people ask. We only use two words to explain the whole lot.

“Quality” and “Workmanship”


We strictly stay away from ordinary and try to reach next years “Trend” ahead of others.

We are on the other side of the phone to handle your special requirements so please let us know if you have a bespoke furniture or design need, We’ll help.

Please ask for a brochure to most exclusive furniture range.

Kind Regards

The Team….